Welcome to OZDRIP

OZDRIP was created after a trip to Japan. Many of the accommodations I stayed at supplied guests with single-serve drip filter coffee, an alternative method for consuming coffee that required only boiling water, was easy to use and tasted great… game changing for me as I love a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning and am not a fan of instant coffee.

After this trip I could not comprehend that people were not using this product in Australia. After two years of research and development, I am pleased to share with you OZDRIP coffee and our five specially crafted blends, which we are extremely proud of.

OZDRIP uses only high quality 100% ground coffee giving it its great pure taste. The filters are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. OZDRIP single-serve drip filter coffee is convenient, because it only requires boiling water, is easy to use and you can take it with you wherever you go. It is light weight, compact and takes up minimal space.

I hope you will enjoy the product, join the revolution and have a quality coffee anywhere, anytime.

How do you drip?

Try OZDRIP and you can be enjoying quality coffee anywhere.